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380 10 Lec 9 - antigen binding sites B CDRs are associated...

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Biology 380 Spring 2010 Immunology Henson Lec 9: Characteristics of Antibodies (Abs) 1) Probing the nature of Abs. A. Immunoglobulins = Abs. - Hapten-based studies prove that Abs are exquisitely specific. B. Ab structure and sequence studies were facilitated through Henry Kunkel’s use of patients with multiple myeloma. C. Rodney Porter, Gerald Edelman, and Alfred Nisonoff chemically dissect Abs and discover Fab, Fc and light & heavy chains. 2) Ab structure. A. Ab arms are connected by a flexible hinge region B. Heavy and light chains contain variable and constant regions. C. The immunoglobulin fold domain. 3) Ab and Ag binding. A. The hypervariable or complementary determining regions (CDRs) within the variable regions = the
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Unformatted text preview: antigen binding sites. B. CDRs are associated with loop regions in the V domain. C. What actual binding forces mediate Ab and Ag interactions? 4) Antibody light chain and heavy chain isotypes and immunoglobulin classes. A. Light chains: κ, λ B. Heavy chains: γ , μ , α , δ , ε = IgG, IgM, IgA, IgD, IgE 5) Monoclonal Ab production. Time Permitting: 6) Effector functions of Abs Note: Ab structure and diversity generation is covered in Chap 4. The next quiz will be this Friday (Feb 19 th ) and the next Bio Seminar will be a Clarke Forum event this Thursday at 7 PM in the Stern Center Great Room: Rebecca Skloot will be giving a talk based on her bestseller “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks”....
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