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1 of 1 DOCUMENT The Times Educational Supplement November 13, 2009 Beware the carrot: rewards don't work BYLINE: Adi Bloom SECTION: NEWS; Pg. 8 No. 4865 LENGTH: 638 words Treats may produce only short-term performance improvements. Pupils who are given rewards such as sweets or stickers for good work often lose interest in learning, according to new research. Indeed, Emma Dunmore, head of psychology at Harrogate Grammar in North Yorkshire, argues that pupils who are given rewards simply for completing a task often lose motivation altogether. Ms Dunmore conducted a review of research into school reward systems. She found that tangible rewards, such as points, stickers and treats, could help to improve behaviour in the short term. But once the rewards ceased, behaviour would return to its original levels. When given in exchange for good work, rewards were even less effective: once they were withdrawn, work often fell below original levels. Meanwhile, pupils who failed to meet the standard necessary for a reward lost motivation altogether. "The reward system has reduced intrinsic motivation," Ms Dunmore said. "The teacher now has a greater hill to
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Beware the Carrot - Page 1 1 of 1 DOCUMENT The Times...

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