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Physics 105: Mechanics Fall 2009 Homework 9 Due Friday 11/6 Read sections 7.1 - 7.4 and 8.1 - 8.5 the text. Do the following problems. 1. Do 6.P.49. 2. Do 6.P.45. 3. Do 6.P.50. 4. Do 6.P.52. 5. Do 6.P.58. 6. Do 7.P.18. 7. Do 7.P.19. 8. Do 7.P.21. 9. Do 7.P.22. For part (d), a review of section 5.14 might help. 10. Start with one of your space voyage VPython codes. So far you have been updating the position of only the craft, since the masses of the other objects (Earth and moon) are so much larger than that of the craft. Here you will examine the orbits of a binary system in which the masses of the two objects are more similar. Your code will deal with just the Earth and the craft, so remove (or comment out) anything having to do with the moon. Set the mass of the craft to be 1/10th the mass of the Earth. Add code to calculate the net force on the Earth and update the Earth’s momentum and position.
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Unformatted text preview: Also add lines to plot a second trail – one that keeps track of the Earth’s trajectory. Examine some bound orbits when the initial momentum of the Earth is set equal to A. negative the initial momentum of the craft. B. zero. After the end of the code, use comment lines to explain why you need to keep zooming out to follow the trajectories in case B, but not in case A. Email your code to [email protected] The first line of your program should be a comment line with your name and the “HW 9, problem 10”. The subject line of the email should also include “HW 9, problem 10”. If you are sending the file as an attachment, please name the file yourlastname-HW9.py....
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