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Lecture 20 Correction - For now: Highest quartile is...

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Second Midterm Exam Quartile Range Number of  Students Highest 86.5% - 100.0% 36 Second Highest 81.5% - 86.2% 40 Third Highest 72.6% - 81.2% 32 Lowest 24.6% - 71.7% 37 Median = 81.5% Mean = 78.8% Final grade based on total points from homework, two midterms, and final.
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Unformatted text preview: For now: Highest quartile is approximately in the A to A- range. A score around 81.5% is a B, with scores near the lower end of the third quartile a C+. The lowest quartile is in the range of C or below....
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