Sriram & Wermester chapter 4

Sriram & Wermester chapter 4 - positive influence...

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Chapter 4: When violence escalates, the situation is monitored, sometimes observers are sent and quiet diplomacy efforts are increased International community has not attempted more proactive crisis prevention or management Phases of conflict o The conflict is mainly in the gestation phase,, with occasional incidents more closely corresponding to the trigger or even the conflict phase. Peacebuliding and reconciliation in local communities became more significant funding priority Often they do not address the role of outsiders paid to provoke and carry out the violence that is the root of the violence Preventions strategies o Many donors engage in development assistance activities that could contribute to the structural prevention of violent conflict o Ongoing activities associated with the potential conflict phase could have a
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Unformatted text preview: positive influence. Ex: reform of land tenure • Could reduce the perceptions of inequality that are use to justify violence o Organized violence is more closely related to political strategies than a lack of socioeconomic development or inequality among groups o Donors reallocated their funds to peacebuilding and conflict resolution in a number of communities • Quiet diplomacy along with humanitarian assistance for victims and local level reconciliation efforts have not been sufficient to convince the government to cease using ethicized violence as a political tool • Donors believe that international attention focused on the current regime’s actions will discourage it from the future use of violent strategies that are aimed at retaining political control....
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Sriram & Wermester chapter 4 - positive influence...

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