IR323-21-lecture - Global Environmental Politics...

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- Environmental justice Origins: U.S. civil rights (“env’t racism”) but expanded to 1) Other criteria (race, class, ethnicity, geography, etc.) 2) Global level General subfields 1) Ecological justice (all species have same moral stature, not just humans) 2) Social ecology (human/non-human exploitation are the same processes) 3) Distribution of conflict (inequality b/n green/brown issues) 4) Constructivism/structuralism (env’t is a tool of structural power relationships) 1) Outcome (distribution/access)—are env’t harms/benefits shared in ways that are equal or fair? 2) Process (procedure)—are the procedures allocating env’t harms/benefits equal or fair? 1 Global Environmental Politics Environmental Justice & Environmental Security
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- Environmental justice (cont’d) Examples of issues 1) Who is most responsible for environmental problems? 2) Who (cultures/ecosystems/societies) suffers most
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IR323-21-lecture - Global Environmental Politics...

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