Poem Analysis Redemption (Repaired)

Poem Analysis Redemption (Repaired) - Melabi Amponsah AP...

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Melabi Amponsah AP Literature P. 4 Murguia 22 September 2010 235 Redemption by Herbert Sounds Assonance in line 6 and 8. Gone and possession have similar ending sounds, but they do not strictly rhyme. There are many Os and Us that create round and solemn sounds. Because this poem seems to be talking about the Lord and Satan, some of the Os and Us create impressive sounds that expressive the characters’ importance to the situation in the poem. In addition to sound effects in the poem, line 11 has a series of words that start with T, G, and P letters, which create harsh stops. These places mentioned are places that the Lord may not be fond of, so the sounds that come from these words put together reveal a despising feeling. Word Order In the poem, polysyndeton is seen in the first four lines. This device quickly introduces the situation, which is the speaker’s position as a “tenant to a rich Lord”, and then reveals the significance, which is the speaker’s “suit” that he has to offer to the Lord. This technique allows the reader to grasp the background, and then realize the importance of the introduction. However, in line 11, the polysyndeton “In cities, theaters, gardens, parks, and courts” is utilized to create an unpleasant rush of recreational places. This
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Poem Analysis Redemption (Repaired) - Melabi Amponsah AP...

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