Test1TopicReview Spring 2010 (1)

Test1TopicReview Spring 2010 (1) - Prep Topics for Test 1...

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Prep Topics for Test 1 Marketing Fundamentals – Spring 2010 Marketing Overview / Customer Satisfaction / Marketing Environment 1. What is marketing? 2. How does marketing add value to an organization? 3. Distinguish between a “market-driven” and a “market-driving” approach. 4. What is value? Value proposition? 5. What is a market-oriented approach? What are its limitations? 6. Define utility, and be able to describe spatial utility, knowledge utility, value utility, temporal utility, and ownership utility. 7. Why is customer satisfaction important to marketers? 8. Describe effective ways for measuring customer satisfaction (we covered 8). 9. Identify and describe the four tactical elements of the marketing mix. 10. Distinguish among the elements within the marketing macro-environment and micro-environment. Global Marketing 11. Describe why a firm might want to pursue international markets. 12. Describe options companies have for expanding overseas (indirect exporting, direct exporting, etc.) 13. Which potential pitfalls exist for companies selling into world markets? 14. Describe how the following terms relate to international trade: WTO, GATT, Dumping. Marketing Planning 15. List and describe 7 steps within the marketing planning process. 16. What is an SBU? Which key strategic decision areas are critical to the success of an SBU? 17. Define and create a simple mission statement. 18.
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Test1TopicReview Spring 2010 (1) - Prep Topics for Test 1...

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