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Lab Letter:            Name:                                                                    CSE 110 Lab 4:  Objects and Classes in Java Pre-lab: Read the following pre-lab material before your lab session. References from the textbook: Objects and Object instances (Ch. 3, pg. 74-76) String class and its methods (Ch. 3, pg. 78-81) Random, DecimalFormat, and NumberFormat classes their methods (Ch. 3, pg. 84-86, 90-93) Pre-lab Questions: Answer these questions before your lab session. 1. Write a line of code that declares a new String variable called muffin and initializes it to hold the string " Muffins are delicious! " 2. What is the difference between DecimalFormat and NumberFormat ? 3. What happens if we pass a number to a Random 's nextInt() method (e.g., rand.nextInt(16); )? 4. What is the difference between
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CSE110Lab4 - LabLetter: Name:...

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