2.01.10 - 1 The calculation that punishment is costless is...

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1. The calculation that punishment is costless is based on a political economic understanding of punishment a. False: Marxist founding father 2. The campus organization, Women and Criminal Justice Network, and their fund-raising efforts to support of children to see their mothers in prison is an example of the effects of the privatization of punishment. a. True: The state isn’t necessarily the basic necessity of hygiene for example; privatation doesn’t mean prison isn’t owned by private company. 3. The prison industrial complex can generally be defined as the for-profit prison industry. a. False: exactly the prison complex 4. Durkheim’s sense of passion can be found in our contemporary administrative and managerial attitudes towards punishment a. True, critiques say how the technical of how the prisons are form b. Former punishment is more technical, doesn’t mean emotion. c. Durkheim sense of passion is only is the only kind of passion that he pointed to which that he means that notion, if that problem runs up d. Durkheim is theoretical e. Theory is that passion is a crucial element that’s linking f. 5. Today, the reliance of punishment on public display is best seen in the courtroom. 6. The architectural metaphor of “base and superstructure” a. Market to the extent is the base of the foundation that can be build on top of that base.
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b. The metaphor wasn’t enough because it is not sufficient because of the economy and society, because clearly the social relation shapes up the economy. c.
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2.01.10 - 1 The calculation that punishment is costless is...

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