02.17.10 - - Penal Power as technology o M ichel Foucault:...

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- Penal Power as technology o Michel Foucault: examines the power effects of the most fundamental cultural elements of Western modernity-Reason, science, freedom, justice and democracy o Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison (1975)- the place where modern techniques of social control, like inspection, discipline, and normalization, are most visible - Discipline and Punish o “from the scaffold to the penitentiary” : penal history identifies a qualitative shift between 1750-1820, where punishment is directed not at the body, but at the “soul” o Paradigm of the disciplinary technologies of the penitentiary: regulate at all times (vs. repress in fits and starts); improve individuals(vs. destroying individuals) 2 elements that he discloses ,one of the thing is punishment becomes a discipline is a regulation at all times vs. this repressive arbituary that we characterizes. - Bentham’s Panopticon (1791) o Penitentiary o 180 degrees convicts cannot see each other but guards are in the middle - Foucaultian notion of power o Regulatory Repressive Penitentiary Corporal Punishment Practices People, Monarch and his symbolic rep, exuctioner Internalized surveillance Public surveillance Directed at the soul
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through the management of the body Directed at the public Make live, let die Make die, let live Institutionalized Arbitrary - Foucaultian notion of knowledge o Organized efforts to manage and produce “docile”bodies, not after the fact ( as in Durkheimian and Marxist notions of power), but before major social conflict arises The pursuit of criminology is what causes criminal behavior? The notion if we know why criminal causes crime then we can reduce crime
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02.17.10 - - Penal Power as technology o M ichel Foucault:...

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