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!Review for final C139 Training slides 1. Being in the police academy means more pay, and higher chance of being selected as a police officer 2. Prior to 1900 received little to no training 3. Vollmer believed that the job required individuals to be skilled in a number of areas, as the policeman had to be "social counselor, parish priest, friend of the down-and-outer, protector of us all." 4. Vollmer began a police school at Berkeley in 1908. 5. Chicago had a one month training program in 1910 a. They spent a week on each of four different areas i. Closed ordered drill, weapons training, rules and laws, tours of courts and specialized division in their department 6. O.W Wilson a. His training had little to do with understanding human misery. b. His officers were largely trained in the ways of catching and putting away crooks. i. Ex.daily gymnasium work and instructions in jiu-jitsu; courses in first aid, conduct and appearance of an officer, how to approach an offender c. Wilson emphasis was on appearance, conduct, and courtesy. i. His officers were not to let their personal feelings interfere. d. *Unlike earlier schools that had made some attempt to allow recruits to learn the use of discretion, Wilson's training forbade it. 7. During the depression schools started to have training programs just for policing 8. Due to little change in police training Following world war II there was a belief among officers that experience was the best teacher.
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9. By the mid 1960’s there were still no improvements with police training 10. The primary form of education in all programs were lectures and discussions, less than half of programs actually had real life like practices 11. Northern Virginia Police academy a. 11 week course b. Academics, firearm instructions physical education, drivers training c. Current officers taught after their shift to lecture their shoes in real life like situations 12. Senator Barry Goldwater a. made rising rates of wrongdoing the centerpiece of his run for the Presidency and placed the "War on Crime" near the top of the national agenda. 13. Earliest academic studies were Ph.D student working on their dissertions 14. Bureaucracies are resistant to change. 15. The police recruits were taught bureaucratic rules during their training; rules and requirements designed to produce a "standardized product", a cog to fit on the bureaucratic wheel. 16. Academies taught their students to legally handle situations that might result in liability for their municipalities, in particular the proper handling of defendants and the use of weapons. 17. Recruits believed on the job training > high scores on written exam 18. Under beaurocratic training model, new ideas were DISCOURAGED. 19.
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Review for final C139 - !Review for final C139 Training...

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