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ACC742 F09 AACSB D Sydor

ACC742 F09 AACSB D Sydor - RyersonUniversity STUDENT COURSE...

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Ryerson University Ted Rogers School of Business Management STUDENT COURSE INFORMATION SHEET ACC 742 - Canadian Business Taxation I FALL 2009 Professor: Daria Sydor Office: 1-054 Phone: 416-979-5000 Ext: 6728 E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: Office hours will be posted outside the instructor’s office by the second week of the semester. Course website(s): http://my.ryerson.ca PREREQUISITE: ACC 514 METHODS OF POSTING GRADES: Grades on assignments and tests, excluding final exams, will be given back in class. Student emails will be returned within 48 hours. Emails on the weekend will be returned at the beginning of the week. All students are expected to compose emails in a professional manner. Messages using excessive internet abbreviations will not be answered. Please ensure that the course code “ACC 742” is in the subject line. I receive many emails and cannot guarantee to answer emails without the proper subject heading. COURSE DESCRIPTION: A detailed examination of federal income tax law leading to the computation of income from employment, business and property. The implementation of the law and its effects, and issues in tax planning and other practical matters are explored, as well as legal interpretations of the law, through examination of a wide variety of practical problems and cases. Related rules in the Goods and Services Tax Act are also examined. Students should have knowledge of accounting and business law, and be prepared to spend a minimum of two hours outside of class for every hour in class. COURSE OVERVIEW Understanding the complex principles and practice of the federal income taxation is important for any accountant. This course is the first of two courses in federal income tax law. It focuses on the Income Tax Act and is designed to give the student a basic understanding of the structure of the Act and its administration. This understanding will be achieved by having the student apply the Income Tax law to practical problems and cases. The topics covered will include: residence, employment income, business income, property income, other income and deductions, ACC 742 Course Outline Fall 2009 Page 1
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capital gains as well as the computation of taxable income and tax for individuals. COURSE OBJECTIVES: This course is the first of two introductory courses in federal income taxation. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to: 1 1. Utilize the underlying concepts, technical aspects for success in your professional exams and make you a more valuable resource to any employer, 2. Explain the theoretical concepts behind the specific provisions of the law, 3. Apply the law in practical problems and case settings, 4. Interpret the law taking into account the specific wording of the provisions, judicial decisions and the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency’s (CCRA) position, and 5. Develop basic tax planning concepts through problem application. REQUIRED TEXTS:
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ACC742 F09 AACSB D Sydor - RyersonUniversity STUDENT COURSE...

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