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Akber Malik NYT 9: Little Progress in Freeing a Rover on Mars NASA’s rover called Spirit has been stuck in sand on Mars since May. It moved for the first time since then just weeks ago for a second, then stopped again. Managers of the mission were cautious with the actions taken with the rover because they didn’t want it to get in even deeper a predicament than it already is in. Engineers in Pasadena are still analyzing data and trying to figure out how to proceed. They have been given until February to get the rover unstuck. The spot in the sand pit was called a “geological treasure trove” by the mission’s deputy principal investigator, also a professor at Washington University in St. Louis. The sand the rover is stuck in is richer in sulfates than anywhere else measured by Spirit or
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Unformatted text preview: the Opportunity, another rover located on the other side of Mars. The materials Spirit is stuck in are layered signifying climactic changes in the planet’s past. The rover is also located at a geological boundary; it drilled two small holes into Mars’s surface. One of the holes was drilled through to sulfate sands and the other hole, just four inches away, had no signs of sulfates at all. The fact that a rock might be touching the bottom of the rover could cause problems regarding Spirit’s escape from the pit. Also, the rover has a wheel that no longer works, and it is tilted towards the interior of the crater. Despite some scientists’ optimism that the rover can escape, even if it doesn’t it could be used as a useful station for weather and seismic things....
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