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World Cultures February 9, 2010 Hapsburg Empire (Austrian Empire) In 1860s became Austro-Hungarian Empire 1990s, Balkans break up into pieces VIOLENCE, genocide, etc. Transylvania- mixed populations of ethnic Romanian and Hungarians. STILL ETHNIC CONFLICT THERE; Hungarians living in Romania are considered 2 nd class citizens, vice versa Ottoman Empire Fell apart into a series of much smaller states Important implications for Arab – Israeli conflict, Iraq, Algeria After fall of Roman Empire Byzantine Empire comes into existence; center of Christian world. Constantinople Indonesia Very very very diverse
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Unformatted text preview: Colonized by the Dutch • Anderson argues the individual elite from schools around the colonies who came together in Jakarta to learn how to lead found a lot in common • UNIFIYING nationalism Indochina • Conquered by the French • Frenchies, like Dutchies in Indonesia, didn’t wanna live there so they had to create an indigenous elite • French had regional centers for educating elite instead of ONE center (Jakarta) in Indonesia. • This is why, when there were independence movements, there was no idea to create one whole Indochinese nation, but separate ones (Anderson’s argument)...
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