survey_project_CONCLUSION - Conclusion Gathering data and...

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Unformatted text preview: Conclusion Gathering data and putting it into graphical displays makes it easier to answer the question, what parking problems are students who have W parking permits, who have to park between 8am and 6pm on main campus, experiencing most often? To start off, we saw that the majority of people surveyed did have a problem finding a parking spot on main campus. The people surveyed having parking problems is 83 compared to 52 people not having problems. This is displayed in a circle graph and shows the part to whole relationship with 61.5% of the total people surveyed had parking problems. Our prediction was correct because we predicted more people to have parking problems then not have parking problems. We could see that lot 2 was the lot where people had the most trouble finding a spot to park in. There are 43 people out of the total surveyed that said they have parking trouble in lot 2. We displayed this in a categorical – categorical association display and you can clearly see this lot has the most parking...
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survey_project_CONCLUSION - Conclusion Gathering data and...

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