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We are…GreenSPR10

We are…GreenSPR10 - filled with...

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We are… able to use our interpersonal skills good listeners and communicators excited about helping others leaders able to handle constructive criticism excited about working with children enthusiastic and passionate organized humble always willing and eager to learn and to teach able to show a sense of humor patient responsible intelligent sociable, out going, easygoing creative loud and quirky able to be stern and down to business compassionate determined, ambitious, competitive, driven to be successful hard workers
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Unformatted text preview: filled with empathy for all children music lovers and talented musicians able to develop great group and hands on activities able to think ahead and outside the box kind, caring, sensitive, understanding able to explain things in many ways persevering and up to the challenges role models and a good influence always professional able to make children comfortable to learn and to talk optimistic and positive open-minded We are teachers! Spring 2010 M/W 4:00-5:15...
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