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Outline 2 rach - the difference of these weights Calculate...

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Outline - Separation of the Components of a Mixture Using a hotplate heat objects. Measure the mass of: evaporating dish, original sample, evaporating dish after subliming NH_4_CL. Use the measurements to calculate the mass of NH_4_CL and the percent of NH_4_CL. Measure the mass of: 400 ml beaker, watch glass, NaCl. Calculate the percent of NaCl. Measure the mass of: evaporating dish and SiO_2_. Calculate percent of SiO_2_. Measure the mass of original sample. Calculate the mass of NH_4_Cl + NaCl + SiO2. Find
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Unformatted text preview: the difference of these weights. Calculate percent recovery of matter by taking g matter recovered divided by g original sample then multiply by 100. Account for errors. Percent error = |correct value - measured value| X 100 Lab Cautions Do not mix any chemicals unless instructor says otherwise. Do not weigh warm objects. Do not throw or drop anything on pan of balance...
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