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TIconnect instructions - TI-Connect/TI-Graph Link...

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Unformatted text preview: TI-Connect/TI-Graph Link Instruction SheetFor your project, you will need to use TI-Connect to capture the images of your Geoboard creations. Please follow these instructions carefully, and once you have plugged your calculator into the computer, DO NOT remove it until you have exited the TI-Connect program. This work must be done in the Computer Lab on the third floor of Rood Hall, but once you have captured your images, they can be pasted into a Microsoft Word document for later use.Instructions for Macintosh Computers-Plug the graph-link cable firmly into your calculator- DO NOT DISCONNECT WHILE IN THE PROGRAM!-Open your word processing program (typically Word). We won’t use this right away, but have it open to the document you want to paste into, or just a blank document, as you can always cut and paste between documents later).-Open TI-Connect X from the menu bar on the bottom of the screen....
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TIconnect instructions - TI-Connect/TI-Graph Link...

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