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reflecting on process - Problem The first step of the...

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Problem The first step of the process is a problem that triggers the investigation. When doing an investigation with a group or a class the problem should be decided on together. In table groups we came up with some possible problems to investigate. We then voted on a problem from the problems posted on the problem ideas that we would be researching. The problem idea that was chosen was "Parking on Campus". Pose the Question After the problem is decided the next step in the process is to pose a question. We decided that our Question would need to be broad enough to be able to come up with more questions in order to collect data to answer our problem. We discussed the wording and who we wanted to include in our population. We constructed a final question and it is: What parking problems are students who have W parking permits, who have to park between 8am and 6pm on main campus experiencing most often.
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