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Summary of Vandelay Industries Inc. Vandelay decided to implement a single Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) information system throughout the corporation and chose R/3 from SAP AG, a German company that was a leader. The motive was to integrate existing fragmented system, standardize process, and give it a competitive advantage over its rivals. It worked with Deloitte&Touche Counsulting Group/ICS. ICS assisted clients in managing fundamental changes. Vandelay’s plants had separate systems for manufacturing resource planning (MRP), that translated customer demands into purchasing and production requirements, human resources management and a financial information system to which each site had built an interface for automatic electronic updates. It led to addition of time and expense to production cycle as in (a) Scheduling (b) Forecasting (c) Order Management (d) Human resources (e) financials and accounting. SAP released the R/3 system that was easy to use, integrate, scale, and had more
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