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MGT 6772 (ISyE6772) Managing Resources of the Technological Firm Fall 2009 – MW (9:35 – 10:55 pm) Tech Sq 221 Professor Robert Burgess [email protected] (best way) or 404-894-3899 Office: Tech Square 494 ( near the Trading Floor ) Office Hours: by Appointment only General Course Overview: Learning Objectives This course focuses on analysis of the challenges associated with managing a firm's resources (technology, work force, materials, information, knowledge) for long-term competitive advantage. Particular emphasis is placed on planning under various conditions including rapid technological innovation (in products and processes), international competition, and changing markets. We cover methods to design (plan), measure (assess), and improve (change) technological capabilities for manufacturing and service firms. Students are exposed to cases in actual manufacturing and service industry domains, readings from publications including the Harvard Business Review , and leading research in academic journals such as Administrative Science Quarterly and Management Science . The course requirements include exams, case analyses completed by interdisciplinary teams and article summaries. Course Materials The materials used are readings, cases, and lecture notes. The readings and the lecture notes are to be purchased from HAO (Honorary Accounting Student Society, College of Management). We will use T- Square for posting papers and exam results along with schedule updates and other extra material that we cover in class. Class Preparation All reading assignments (including cases) are to be completed prior to the class in which they will be discussed though only some involve written reports to be graded. Classroom Environment Class attendance DOES REQUIRE A CERTAIN AMOUNT CIVILITY. The following outlines the basic rules of respectful behavior that must be followed to permit the classroom to be a positive learning experience for all who have chosen to attend. Please turn off cell phones, do not talk to your neighbors, and do not read anything other than the class material currently being discussed (THIS INCLUDES LAPTOP COMPUTERS). If Georgia Institute of Technology is closed for any reason on a scheduled class day, you should be prepared to adjust the schedule accordingly including taking a quiz or an exam during that next class session. In the next class meeting, the instructor will provide direction as to potential changes in course. (Also check the class web site for changes). NOTE 1. The course syllabus provides a general plan for the course; deviations may be necessary. 2. Students are responsible for the information contained in the Academic Honesty policies found at . GRADING
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This note was uploaded on 03/10/2010 for the course MGT 6772 taught by Professor Burgess during the Fall '09 term at Georgia Tech.

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MGT6772_ISyE6772_Syllabus_FALL2009 - MGT 6772(ISyE6772...

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