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Beating Murphy's law

Beating Murphy's law - Mahalakshmi Ganesh Beating Murphys...

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Mahalakshmi Ganesh Beating Murphy’s Law New technologies often cause drops in productivity following introduction of new equipment that can exceed the price of the technology. This still occurs with incremental purchases of new inexpensive equipment. Performance tends to drop shortly prior to installation, as firms make ready for new systems and can last over a year after the introduction of the new equipment. The greatest cost stems from mismatches between the new technology’s capabilities and needs, and existing process and organization. Lack of the different required knowledge about new technologies causes the failures and problems that arise. Solutions to problems usually lead to additional problems due to a lack of knowledge. There are seven rules that aid long-term survival of the new technology system that is implemented. Rule 1: Think of Implementation as R&D . Acquisition should instead be considered an ongoing process of data gathering and learning that evolves over time. The introduction of technology should
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