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Lect 6 Study Questions

Lect 6 Study Questions - in the body 5 What foods contain...

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Study Questions: Lecture 6 Lipids Fall 2009 1. What are some of the functions of dietary fat in our diet? 2. Name 3 classes of lipids found in the body and in foods. How do they differ? What foods have these lipids? 3. What features distinguish fatty acids from each other? 4. What does the term omega mean with respect to fatty acids? Compare and contrast the functions of the 2 essential fatty acids
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Unformatted text preview: in the body. 5. What foods contain essential fatty acids? 6. What is a triglyceride? 7. What are trans fatty acids, and how do they influence heart disease? 8. What roles do phospholipids play in the body? 9. What is the function of cholesterol in the body? How would your body adapt if you consumed a diet that lacks cholesterol?...
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