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Reactions - sulfuric acid and sodium chloride This confirms...

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These five reactions were carried out to confirm the identity of our compound: Na 2 SO 4  + BaCl 2    BaSO 4  + NaCl Solid sodium sulfate and aqueous barium chloride react to form two precipitates: barium sulfate  and sodium chloride.  This confirms that our compound is sodium sulfate because sulfate is not  soluble with barium, forming the precipitate of barium sulfate. 2NH 4 OH + Na 2 SO 4    2NaOH + 2(NH 4 ) 2 SO 4 Aqueous ammonium hydroxide and solid sodium sulfate react to form two aqueous compounds:  sodium hydroxide and ammonium sulfate.  This confirms our belief that our unknown compound  is sodium sulfate because sodium is soluble with everything, including hydroxide, and sulfate is  soluble with ammonium, as seen in the two aqueous compounds formed in the reaction. 2HCl + Na 2 SO 4    H 2 SO 4  + 2NaCl Aqueous hydrochloric acid and solid sodium sulfate react to form two aqueous compounds: 
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Unformatted text preview: sulfuric acid and sodium chloride. This confirms our belief that the unknown compound is sodium sulfate because sulfate is soluble with hydrogen and sodium is soluble with chlorine, as seen in the reaction. Na 2 SO 4 + Na 2 CO 3 Na 2 SO 4 + NaCO 3 Sodium sulfate and sodium carbonate do not react and keep their form as solids. This confirms our belief because sulfate cannot combine with CO 3 to form a compound. 2NaOH + Na 2 SO 4 2NaOH + Na 2 SO 4 Sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfate do not react to form an aqueous solution. This confirms our belief because sulfate cannot combine with hydroxide because hydroxide is not soluble with sulfate....
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