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Abstract This experiment was conducted in order to identify an unknown compound. Through the use of many tests the compound was identified as sodium sulfate. The flame test was used at the beginning in order to identify the cation of the unknown. When the compound has been placed under the Bunsen burner the flame turned a bright orange indicating the presence of sodium in the unknown. Once the cation had been established testing for the anion began. The test that turned out positive suggested that
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Unformatted text preview: sulfate was the anion. We put 1ml of 6M HCL and 1mL of BaCl_2 into 1 mL of the unknown. The solution formed a white precipitate and we conclude the anion was sulfate. In order to prove our theory we conducted a gravity filtration experiment with the unknown and sodium sulfate. The resulting masses after filtration were the same proving that the compound was indeed sodium sulfate....
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