UnknownComp Q's 1-4

UnknownComp Q's 1-4 - unknown is KCl or Na2SO4. We carried...

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1. We do not yet know the identity of our unknown compound. Possibilities are Na2SO4, CH3CO2Na, and Na2CO3. 2. We did a flame test for different known compounds along with our unknown compound. All flame tests that were carried out were orange, therefore giving us no further information about our unknown compound. A conductivity test was also carried out. Solutions of KCl, Na2SO4, and the unknown were tested to see if they conducted electricity. All compounds conducted electricity, so it is possible that our
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Unformatted text preview: unknown is KCl or Na2SO4. We carried out a solubility test. The unknown compound along with the KCl and Na2SO4 are soluble. 3. Our compound has not yet been identified. Standard safety precautions should always be carried out, such as wearing lab coats, goggles, close-toed shoes, and long pants. An LD50 tells you how toxic a compound is. 4. We do not yet know the identity of our unknown compound, but we suspect that it is acidic and will form a precipitate....
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