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Katie Hurst, Rachael Warren, Kevin Sayles, Daniel Spence  Chromium Crew Project 7 Post Lab Questions 1. The following species were identified from unknown samples during Week one of the lab and titrated for concentration during week two. The potassium hydroxide and the hydrochloric acid are strong acids and bases meaning they completely dissociate. The acetic acid is also known as vinegar and as the least concentrated, is the least dangerous species. HCl is corrosive (like KOH) and though it is relatively less concentrated when compared to the other samples, it is still dangerous. The sodium acetate is the most concentrated sample; however it is also a weak acid. Formula Name Indicator Concentration Titrated Concentration 2) KOH Potassium Hydroxide .9013 M average .5395 M average 4) NaCH 3 COO Sodium Acetate .9438 M average .481 M average 5) HCl Hydrochloric Acid .8715 M average .662 M average 7)HCH 3 COO Acetic Acid .747 M average .587 M average 2. For each solution a flame test was used to identify any cations present and what they
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Project 7 Post Lab-1 -...

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