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CSCI 6268/TLEN 5831: Network Security Handout P1 CU — John Black October 16, 2009 Project 1 Due Weds, October 28th, in class Overview. This part of the project is quite straightforward: you want to obtain a certifi- cate from our CA, me. To do this, first generate a 1024-bit RSA key pair, depositing the keys in a passphrase-protected PEM file. Then generate a CSR as shown in lecture, with all the relevant information as given in lecture. Next, send your CSR to our CA. His email address is [email protected] . Allow up to 4 days for processing. If you have done this correctly, you will receive a certificate in reply. Extract your certificate and put
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Unformatted text preview: it in a safe place (though you don’t need to worry about someone else getting ahold of it, of course). Here is what you turn in to me (in class): • A copy of your certificate in textual form (using-text ) • Proof that you have the correct CA certificate from our website (ie, use OpenSSL to print out the fingerprint of the CA certificate and state it matches the fin-gerprint you got in class). • Show a command that demonstrates that your certificate was signed by the CA. Distance students may email their answers directly to me. If you are an in-class student I would like it handed in on paper....
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