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CSCI 6268/TLEN 5831: Network Security Handout P0 CU — John Black October 3, 2009 Project 0 Due Friday, October 14th, in class Problem 1. I have encrypted some message with the following OpenSSL command: % openssl enc -aes128 -base64 < secret-message enter aes-128-cbc encryption password: Verifying - enter aes-128-cbc encryption password: U2FsdGVkX180jAizsYGu5mZo9zSrzchodLCgKNl4j/PRNW4htplDZ/yKekDc5mZS sMaO+sOleP/S0HWw/AuemWLTseXiL1nWR920vgTc7g/+mBfVYB991loGTkAuMuwQ % Your mission is to find the secret message. That sounds impossible, right? I mean, we have encrypted with CBC-AES-128, which is supposed to be virtually unbreakable. BUT, I will tell you that I used a password that is
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Unformatted text preview: three lowercase letters . In other words, it’s aaa, aab, · · · , zzz. You must find it. This is simply an exercise in your ability to find a working version of OpenSSL (the simplest solution is to use the CSEL machines, but you could also install it on a home-machine). Then you need to find an efficient way to do a key-search (don’t type them all by hand. .. write a script or something!). Please turn in: • The password I used • The secret message • The script you used to find the key • Your opinion about the report: should I begin training for next year’s compe-tition?...
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