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-- List all information about all listings --ok SELECT * from a5_listing; f -- List all listings that successfully ended (status = 'Completed') --ok SELECT * from a5_listing where Lis_status = 'Completed'; w -- Count the number of listings who got funded (status = 'Completed') and the number of listings who didn't get funded (status = 'Expired) -- (Use one statement, use group by) --ok SELECT lis_status, COUNT (*) FROM a5_listing GROUP BY lis_status; G -- What are the different credit grades that exist in listings? -- Your statement should return only the seven possible credit grades --ok SELECT DISTINCT lis_credit_grade from a5_listing; f -- What is the average maximum rate for each of the credit grades? (tip, use group by) --ok SELECT lis_credit_grade, max(lis_maximum_rate) FROM a5_listing GROUP BY lis_credit_grade; G -- Select the listing key, amount requested, maximum rate, title, and credit grade for all listings with the credit grades of AA, A, and B. -- Sort the results by maximum rate (highest value first)
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Assignment5QueriesLastnameFirstName - - List all...

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