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Immigration and Middle Easterners

Immigration and Middle Easterners - Alsunbul1 Immigration...

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Alsunbul1 Immigration and Middle Easterners,, Immigration rules just for MidEast Immigration has many definitions, and my divination is a word come for immigrants that a person move from country to other country looking for good life. Each country has rules for immigrants and has different or similar rules between them. However, the U.S. has rules just for Middle Easters because the U.S. government passes law wants to protect the country from them. Anyone can know the USA rule from the website or anywhere as a person can get the information. In addition, my country “Saudi Arabia” has the same thing about immigrants. United States of America has written rules but in the same time, has unwritten rules for immigrants from the Mideast. When I wanted to get a VISA to U.S., I had really hard time. I had to make an appointment with the United States embassy in Riyadh by phone to get a VISA approval, and set up an appointment for interview. Such as what are my passport number, and other basic information, before they issue the student VISA. Right after the interview completed and was sending home, one week later I received a phone call from the U.S. embassy asking me to bring my passport with a picture 5 X 5. When I go to the embassy, I was worried whether they will give me the Visa or not, and if I am missing any other papers they had requested. After they check my paper work through Washington D.C,
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