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Post Project Evaluation Comparison of Actual Schedule to Original Estimate Paragon Systems was able to reduce the amount of time to complete the system from 160 hours to 82 hours. Comparison of Actual Costs & Benefits to Original Estimate Because of the reduction in hours to complete the system, it saved the client $3,120 in development costs which increased their return on investment from 6% to 11% and reduced their break even point from 1.93 years to 1.05. Future System Modifications & Enhancements Currently Paragon Systems has no plans on doing any system modifications or enhancements to the system. The way the system is setup, it allows the client to easily create any custom reports that they may need.
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Unformatted text preview: Post-Implementation Evaluation Paragon Systems will be present the on Monday, August 21 st , to meet with Scott Village management to discuss any application / user issues since implementation; one to two hours has been allotted for this activity. Once previously agreed upon deliverables have been completed Scott Village management will sign the application Acceptance documentation, barring any fixes to the application that will be identified and documented for immediate remediation. Paragon Systems will conduct a complete and thorough review of the RTS project, its development, and the overall outcome of the project....
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