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Client Documents Opening Statement: Milestone 1 has been completed. The systems development project continues to remain on time and on budget. Executive Summary: Mr. David Daro, Resident Director of Scott Hall/ Scott Village has requested an information system to aid in the tracking of dorm residents. The current system consists of several Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheets that are inefficient and cause data loss. Paragon Systems has been asked to design a database for resident tracking, report generation, and billing status. Paragon Systems System Service Request (SSR) states the current problem and Mr. David Daro, the resident director has requested Paragon Systems assistance
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Unformatted text preview: in designing a solution. The milestone also includes a Statement of Understanding (SoU) which describes the current computing environment and states the contents of our final deliverable. Implications for Client Operations: The client is required to purchase four Microsoft Access 2003 client licenses. No hardware purchases are necessary as existing equipment will suffice. Items for Approval: The System Service Request and Statement of Understanding are subject to approval by Resident Director Mr. Daro, project leader Mr. Kingsbury, and project manager Dr. Pietron. 1...
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