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Statement of Understanding Dear Mr. Daro: Paragon Systems plans to develop an information system to handle all required information related to the residents and Resident Administrators of Scott Hall and Scott Village. The information system will be able to generate reports on current and former residents. The information system keeps track of where the residents lived in Scott Hall/Scott Village and where they are currently residing. Detailed and sufficient documentation will be provided to allow an upgrade of the system when necessary. Paragon Systems deliverables includes: project documentation, user manual, and prototype. Hardware Requirements: The current hardware and network are sufficient for the Paragon Systems database. No other hardware acquisitions are anticipated. The current system specifications are: Workstations: o Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz o 512 MB Ram o 40 GB Hard Drive o Microsoft Windows XP Pro Servers: o Pentium 4 Xeon 1 GHz o 80GB Hard Drive o Microsoft Windows 2003 Server Edition
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Unformatted text preview: Software Requirements: The client will have to purchase one Microsoft Access 2003 client license, because the client does not currently have Microsoft Access 2003 on their server. The development environment will be Windows XP. 4 Security Requirements : The required security requirements that Paragon Systems will be responsible for are password protection. Passwords will be required for administrator level and user level access. The client will be responsible for antivirus and back up policies. By signing this document you agree to the terms and requirements as laid out above. This document is only a “Statement of Understanding” and not intended to legally bind the client nor the consultants to this project. _____________________________ ________________ Paragon Systems Date _____________________________ ________________ Client Date _____________________________ _________________ Project Manager Date 5...
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grp3_sou_v4 - Software Requirements The client will have to...

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