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Client Documents Opening Statement: Milestone 3 has been completed. The systems development project continues to remain on time and on budget. The milestone leader is Steve Sanders. Executive Summary: Milestone 3 consists of five documents: Baseline Project Plan Report, Systems Profile, Statement of Project Scope, Information Systems Security Risk Analysis, and Information Systems Security Policies. The Baseline Project Plan (BPP) consists of four major sections: Introduction, Systems Description, Feasibility Assessment, and Management Issues. The Introduction gives a brief overview of the project and the recommendations that Paragon Systems has for developing the system. The Systems Description states the possible alternatives that can be considered for developing the system and a detailed description of the selected configured. The Feasibility Assessment contains an analysis of the following topics: Economic, Technical, Operational, Legal and Contractual, Political, and Schedules, Time and Resource Analysis. The Economic Analysis provides an economic justification for the system using cost-benefit analysis. The Technical Analysis details the relevant technical risk factors for the project. The Operational Analysis details how the system solves the client’s business problems and explains how the client’s day- to-day activities will change. The Legal and Contractual Analysis describes any
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grp3_client_documents_milestone3_v3 - Client Documents...

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