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Client Documents Opening Statement Milestone 4 has been completed. The systems development project remains on time and on budget. Executive Summary Milestone 4 contains six distinct documents that are integral for the successful implementation of the Scott Village Resident Tracking System Application. The documents included in Milestone 4 are the: Proposed Work Flow Diagram, Data Flow Diagrams, IDEF0 Diagrams, Use Case Diagram, Data Dictionary, Tracking Gantt Chart, and Legends for each of the diagrams. Work Flow Diagram The Work Flow Diagram presents a general overview of the Scott Village Resident application process. It is not meant to be a detailed flowchart model; it allows a view of the bigger picture of the system, i.e., where do the inputs come from, who supplies the inputs, and what is required for an applicant to be given quarters. Data Flow Diagram The Data Flow Diagrams (DFD) demonstrate how data flows between the external entities, processes, and data store(s) within the Scott Village Resident Tracking System Application. The DFD's are comprised of three diagrams; the Context Diagram, the Level-0 Diagram, and the Level-1 Diagram. The Context Diagram is an overview of the Resident Tracking System that shows system boundaries and external entities, e.g., a student resident applicant that interacts
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grp3_client_documents_v4 - Client Documents Opening...

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