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[email protected] 37 "e:\builds\moz2_slave\win32_build\build\browser\components\nsBrowserContentHandler. js" const nsISupports = Components.interfaces.nsISupports; const nsIBrowserDOMWindow = Components.interfaces.nsIBrowserDOMWindow; const nsIBrowserHandler = Components.interfaces.nsIBrowserHandler; const nsIBrowserHistory = Components.interfaces.nsIBrowserHistory; const nsIChannel = Components.interfaces.nsIChannel; const nsICommandLine = Components.interfaces.nsICommandLine; const nsICommandLineHandler = Components.interfaces.nsICommandLineHandler; const nsIContentHandler = Components.interfaces.nsIContentHandler; const nsIDocShellTreeItem = Components.interfaces.nsIDocShellTreeItem; const nsIDOMChromeWindow = Components.interfaces.nsIDOMChromeWindow; const nsIDOMWindow = Components.interfaces.nsIDOMWindow; const nsIFactory = Components.interfaces.nsIFactory; const nsIFileURL = Components.interfaces.nsIFileURL; const nsIHttpProtocolHandler = Components.interfaces.nsIHttpProtocolHandler; const nsIInterfaceRequestor = Components.interfaces.nsIInterfaceRequestor; const nsINetUtil = Components.interfaces.nsINetUtil; const nsIPrefBranch = Components.interfaces.nsIPrefBranch; const nsIPrefLocalizedString = Components.interfaces.nsIPrefLocalizedString; const nsISupportsString = Components.interfaces.nsISupportsString; const nsIURIFixup = Components.interfaces.nsIURIFixup; const nsIWebNavigation = Components.interfaces.nsIWebNavigation; const nsIWindowMediator = Components.interfaces.nsIWindowMediator; const nsIWindowWatcher = Components.interfaces.nsIWindowWatcher; const nsICategoryManager = Components.interfaces.nsICategoryManager; const nsIWebNavigationInfo = Components.interfaces.nsIWebNavigationInfo; const nsIBrowserSearchService = Components.interfaces.nsIBrowserSearchService; const nsICommandLineValidator = Components.interfaces.nsICommandLineValidator; const NS_BINDING_ABORTED = Components.results.NS_BINDING_ABORTED; const NS_ERROR_WONT_HANDLE_CONTENT = 0x805d0001; const NS_ERROR_ABORT = Components.results.NS_ERROR_ABORT; const URI_INHERITS_SECURITY_CONTEXT = nsIHttpProtocolHandler .URI_INHERITS_SECURITY_CONTEXT; function shouldLoadURI(aURI) { return true; dump("*** Preventing external load of chrome: URI into browser window\n"); dump(" Use -chrome <uri> instead\n"); return false; } function resolveURIInternal(aCmdLine, aArgument) { var uri = aCmdLine.resolveURI(aArgument); if (!(uri instanceof nsIFileURL)) { return uri; } try { if (uri.file.exists()) return uri;
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} catch (e) { Components.utils.reportError(e); } // We have interpreted the argument as a relative file URI, but the file // doesn't exist. Try URI fixup heuristics: see bug 290782. try {
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This note was uploaded on 03/11/2010 for the course ISD 125 taught by Professor 3ant during the Spring '10 term at École Normale Supérieure.

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nsBrowserContentHandler - @line...

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