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const Cc = Components.classes; const Ci = Components.interfaces; // This is copied from toolkit/components/content/js/lang.js. // It seems cleaner to copy this rather than #include from so far away. Function.prototype.inherits = function(parentCtor) { var tempCtor = function(){}; tempCtor.prototype = parentCtor.prototype; this.superClass_ = parentCtor.prototype; this.prototype = new tempCtor(); } [email protected] 36 "e:\builds\moz2_slave\win32_build\build\browser\components\safebrowsing\ content\application.js" // We instantiate this variable when we create the application. var gDataProvider = null; // An instance of our application is a PROT_Application object. It // basically just populates a few globals and instantiates wardens, // the listmanager, and the about:blocked error page. /** * An instance of our application. There should be exactly one of these. * * Note: This object should instantiated only at profile-after-change * or later because the listmanager and the cryptokeymanager need to * read and write data files. Additionally, NSS isn't loaded until * some time around then (Moz bug #321024). * * @constructor */ function PROT_Application() { this.debugZone= "application"; [email protected] 83 "e:\builds\moz2_slave\win32_build\build\browser\components\safebrowsing\ content\application.js" // expose some classes this.PROT_PhishingWarden = PROT_PhishingWarden; this.PROT_MalwareWarden = PROT_MalwareWarden; // Load data provider pref values gDataProvider = new PROT_DataProvider(); // expose the object this.wrappedJSObject = this; } var gInitialized = false; PROT_Application.prototype.initialize = function() { if (gInitialized) return; gInitialized = true; var obs = Cc["@mozilla.org/observer-service;1"]. getService(Ci.nsIObserverService); obs.addObserver(this, "xpcom-shutdown", true);
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// XXX: move table names to a pref that we originally will download // from the provider (need to workout protocol details) this.malwareWarden = new PROT_MalwareWarden(); this.malwareWarden.registerBlackTable("goog-malware-shavar"); this.malwareWarden.maybeToggleUpdateChecking(); this.phishWarden = new PROT_PhishingWarden(); this.phishWarden.registerBlackTable("goog-phish-shavar"); this.phishWarden.maybeToggleUpdateChecking(); } PROT_Application.prototype.observe = function(subject, topic, data) { switch (topic) { case "xpcom-shutdown": this.malwareWarden.shutdown(); this.phishWarden.shutdown(); break; } } /** * @param name String The type of url to get (either Phish or Error). * @return String the report phishing URL (localized). */ PROT_Application.prototype.getReportURL = function(name) { return gDataProvider["getReport" + name + "URL"](); } PROT_Application.prototype.QueryInterface = function(iid) { if (iid.equals(Ci.nsISupports) || iid.equals(Ci.nsISupportsWeakReference) || iid.equals(Ci.nsIObserver)) return this; throw Components.results.NS_ERROR_NO_INTERFACE; } [email protected] 37 "e:\builds\moz2_slave\win32_build\build\browser\components\safebrowsing\ content\globalstore.js" // A class that encapsulates data provider specific values. The
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nsSafebrowsingApplication - const Cc = Components.classes...

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