nsSearchService - //@line 40

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Unformatted text preview: //@line 40 "e:\builds\moz2_slave\win32_build\build\toolkit\components\search\nsSearchService.j s" const Ci = Components.interfaces; const Cc = Components.classes; const Cr = Components.results; const PERMS_FILE = 0644; const PERMS_DIRECTORY = 0755; const MODE_RDONLY = 0x01; const MODE_WRONLY = 0x02; const MODE_CREATE = 0x08; const MODE_APPEND = 0x10; const MODE_TRUNCATE = 0x20; // Directory service keys const NS_APP_SEARCH_DIR_LIST = "SrchPluginsDL"; const NS_APP_USER_SEARCH_DIR = "UsrSrchPlugns"; const NS_APP_SEARCH_DIR = "SrchPlugns"; const NS_APP_USER_PROFILE_50_DIR = "ProfD"; // Search engine "locations". If this list is changed, be sure to update // the engine's _isDefault function accordingly. const SEARCH_APP_DIR = 1; const SEARCH_PROFILE_DIR = 2; const SEARCH_IN_EXTENSION = 3; const SEARCH_JAR = 4; // See documentation in nsIBrowserSearchService.idl. const SEARCH_ENGINE_TOPIC = "browser-search-engine-modified"; const QUIT_APPLICATION_TOPIC = "quit-application"; const SEARCH_ENGINE_REMOVED = "engine-removed"; const SEARCH_ENGINE_ADDED = "engine-added"; const SEARCH_ENGINE_CHANGED = "engine-changed"; const SEARCH_ENGINE_LOADED = "engine-loaded"; const SEARCH_ENGINE_CURRENT = "engine-current"; const SEARCH_TYPE_MOZSEARCH = Ci.nsISearchEngine.TYPE_MOZSEARCH; const SEARCH_TYPE_OPENSEARCH = Ci.nsISearchEngine.TYPE_OPENSEARCH; const SEARCH_TYPE_SHERLOCK = Ci.nsISearchEngine.TYPE_SHERLOCK; const SEARCH_DATA_XML = Ci.nsISearchEngine.DATA_XML; const SEARCH_DATA_TEXT = Ci.nsISearchEngine.DATA_TEXT; // File extensions for search plugin description files const XML_FILE_EXT = "xml"; const SHERLOCK_FILE_EXT = "src"; // Delay for lazy serialization (ms) const LAZY_SERIALIZE_DELAY = 100; // Delay for batching invalidation of the JSON cache (ms) const CACHE_INVALIDATION_DELAY = 1000; // Current cache version. This should be incremented if the format of the cache // file is modified. const CACHE_VERSION = 6; const ICON_DATAURL_PREFIX = "data:image/x-icon;base64,"; // Supported extensions for Sherlock plugin icons const SHERLOCK_ICON_EXTENSIONS = [".gif", ".png", ".jpg", ".jpeg"]; const NEW_LINES = /(\r\n|\r|\n)/; // Set an arbitrary cap on the maximum icon size. Without this, large icons can // cause big delays when loading them at startup. const MAX_ICON_SIZE = 10000; // Default charset to use for sending search parameters. ISO-8859-1 is used to // match previous nsInternetSearchService behavior. const DEFAULT_QUERY_CHARSET = "ISO-8859-1"; const SEARCH_BUNDLE = "chrome://global/locale/search/search.properties"; const BRAND_BUNDLE = "chrome://branding/locale/brand.properties"; const OPENSEARCH_NS_10 = "http://a9.com/-/spec/opensearch/1.0/"; const OPENSEARCH_NS_11 = "http://a9.com/-/spec/opensearch/1.1/"; // Although the specification at http://opensearch.a9.com/spec/1.1/description/ // gives the namespace names defined above, many existing OpenSearch engines // are using the following versions. We therefore allow either....
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This note was uploaded on 03/11/2010 for the course ISD 125 taught by Professor 3ant during the Spring '10 term at École Normale Supérieure.

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nsSearchService - //@line 40

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