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The French Revolution I. The Enlightenment A. Basic Facts B. Basic Ideas II. Significance of the French Revolution A. For People Today B. For History III. A Brief Word About Chronology 1789-1793 Experiments 1793-1794 The Terror 1795-1799 The Directory IV. Making Sense of Revolution A. Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859) B. Karl Marx (1818-1883) C. Recent Interpretations V. Conclusion
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Unformatted text preview: Names & Terms: Enlightenment philosophes : Condorcet, Diderot, Montesquieu, Rousseau, Voltaire, Bastille Louis XVI (1754-1793) Robespierre (1758-1794) Guillotine Napoleon I (1769-1821) political culture Tip for the Day: Make a new friend in class. This way you can have a study partner and someone to keep you coming to lecture....
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