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Romanticism I. Introduction Liszt’’s Piano Concerto #2 (1839) II. Basics of Romanticism A. When: 1790s-1848 B. Where C. Who D. Why: Influences 1. Enlightenment 2. French Revolution 3. Napoleon 4. Industrial Revolution III. What is Romanticism? A. Defying Definitions B. The Mirror vs. the Lamp C. Romanticism Applied
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Unformatted text preview: IV. National Variations V. Conclusion Big names associated with romanticism: Shelley, Wordsworth, Blake, Delacroix, Byron, Madame de Stael, Victor Hugo, Chateaubriand, Chopin, Liszt, Sand, Schiller, Goethe, the Schlegel brothers, Mendelsohn, Casper David Friedrich, Keats...
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