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History 4C Prof. Kudlick TA Top-10 Tips for a Better Paper The following advice comes from years of collective wisdom culled from TA comments on student papers in introductory history classes. If you take it to heart, you’ll avoid the common errors that students make when writing a history paper. Also see the Revision Checklist. 1) Always include a thesis statement that addresses the prompt in your introductory paragraph. Avoid generalizations, and get right to the point. 2) Once you think you have an argument, underline it and keep it in mind as you write and revise. Your paper should go beyond reporting what each author says to explain why they said it, and how it relates to ideas we have been covering in class. 3) Each subsequent paragraph must have a topic sentence that answers the questions: what is the main point of this paragraph, and how does it support my paper’s overall argument? If nothing fits what you underlined, you need a new argument! 4) It’s best to be as specific as possible, which means including names and dates, and
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