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History 4C Winter 2010 "A ROOM OF ONE'S OWN" This is a theater performance based on the essay of the same title by Virginia Woolf (1992-1941) published in 1929. Here Eileen Atkins plays Virginia Woolf, the famous British feminist writer who has been asked to give a lecture to the women at Girton College, the only part of Cambridge University that women were allowed to attend until 1948. Woolf was raised and educated in an elite upper-middle class family in Cambridge, and Atkins aptly portrays this style in her award- winning performance. As you listen to her “lecture,” ask yourself how Woolf might define “belonging” and how this might fit into broader themes from the course. I. Women, Fiction, and Money II. Women at Cambridge in the Early 20th Century A. Forbidden Places B. Forbidden Foods C. Financing Women's Colleges III. Woolf's Research at the British Museum Library A. Books about Women B. Professor Von X.
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Unformatted text preview: C. Women Depicted in History D. The Disparity between the Depiction of Women in History and the Depiction of Women in Literature IV. The Impossibility of a Female Shakespeare in the 17th Century A. William Shakespeare's Life B. Judith's Story C. The Voices of Women Who Didn't Write V. Women Begin Making Money Writing in the 19th Century A. The Story of Aphra Benn B. Middle-Class Women Writers C. Famous 19th-Century Women Writers VI. Contributions of the Masculine and Feminine Sides to Writing VII. Peroration (a.k.a, "Three Points," maybe more!) Names and Terms Charles Lamb Mary Seaton Girton College "annoym." George Elliot George Sand Florence Nightingale Mrs. Aphra Benn Jane Austen Chaucer Fanny Burney Charlotte Bronte Note: you don't need to know these names; they are merely here so that you can see them written and look them up, should you want to know more....
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