Special Project 1 with Mike Noonan

Special Project 1 with Mike Noonan - Austin Savage Robert...

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Austin Savage Robert Southworth AL 362- Special Project 1 Special Project 1- Interview with Head Coach Mike Noonan One of the primary objectives as an athletic coach is to develop their athletes mentally and physically. Coaches must motivate their players in order for personal and team success. Athletes have four basic intrinsic needs that directly affect their level of motivation. Coaches must be aware of the particular needs of each of his or her athletes to be able to provide proper motivation. These intrinsic needs include the need for fun and stimulation, the need for acceptance and belonging, the need for control and autonomy, and the need to feel competent and successful. As a group, we were fortunate enough to interview Coach Mike Noonan of the Clemson men’s soccer team. He had an overwhelming amount of success at Brown University. Noonan led Brown to 10 NCAA Appearances in 15 Years. He came to Clemson this year and he continues to develop his athletes every season. As a collegiate, division 1 head coach, Coach Noonan knows the importance of motivating his team. While interviewing Coach Noonan, we were able to discover many interesting things about coaching and player’s intrinsic needs. The following information comes directly from our findings during the interview. Before the interview, we came up with several questions that addressed the basic intrinsic needs that were stated above. We wanted to direct all of our questions to the idea of motivation and how coaches structure their programs around this idea. We first asked him about the first intrinsic need of having fun and stimulation. He stated that coaches always come to practice with a positive attitude, practices are organized and relevant to the game, and time relevant (not too
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long). The coaches also try to coach with a sense of humor to lighten the mood and to make practice more enjoyable. He pointed out a great example when he said that we always play a game in practice and
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Special Project 1 with Mike Noonan - Austin Savage Robert...

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