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Jamir Shefton Paula Heusinkveld October 14, 2009 The Career Fair I attended the Study Abroad Fair that was held in Cox Plaza. I was quite impressed with the number of study abroad programs Clemson has to offer. I believe they did a good job in setting up the fair so that moving around was easy. I didn’t expect for there to be as many people as it was out there but, I must admit it w as quite the turnout. There were many other students who were also looking for more information on studying abroad. I was also surprised by how many representatives were present to explain their particular program. It was a great opportunity to find many answers to questions that I had about studying abroad. And with a lot of different representatives for each study abroad program, I didn’t have to ask one person too many questions. Each of the representatives was able to give me a different
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Unformatted text preview: perspective of how the programs are run and what to expect out of your time abroad. A lot of them would be great salesman, because they sold me on a couple of places that prior to the fair, I had never considered visiting. I got to see lots of pictures of other Clemson students while in their study abroad program. Some of the photos had familiar faces of friends who I had no clue went abroad. I was able to pick up brochures from the programs offered. A lot of them were very interesting and included great benefits and rewards. Some included full itineraries and different attractions in each programs respective area. I was pretty impressed with how insightful and informative everyone was. I got a lot of information about the study abroad programs in my area of interest and I am looking forward to applying to study abroad in the spring of 2011....
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