Vienna, 1814

Vienna, 1814 - Jamir Shefton Prof Richard Saunders History...

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Jamir Shefton Prof. Richard Saunders History of Western Civ. October 14, 2009 Vienna, 1814 Vienna is the capital of the Republic of Austria. It currently serves as the headquarters for OPEC( Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries ) and an office of the United Nations. Vienna has played a major role in European and world politics since becoming the capital of the Holy Roman Empire. After more than twenty years of warfare and unrest throughout Europe, traveling was considered dangerous and rather stupid. Following the exile of Napoleon Bonaparte to Elba In 1814, Vienna would host a conference filled with Europe’s most important leaders. Vienna was chosen to host the conference after a victory for the Allies over Napoleon Bonaparte, at the Battle of Leipzig. The Congress of Vienna began in November, 1814. Hosted by Prince Klemens Wenzel von Metternich, a German-Austrian politician and statesman, the purpose of the congress was to reorganize and reshape post Napoleonic War torn Europe, correct the wrongs of the past, and do what was considered “best” for all sides attending. All while there were so many important things to take care of, many of the delegates would become caught up clashing personalities, attitudes, secret relations, and wanderlust. The streets of Vienna ran wild with its newcomers. Kings, queens, princes, princesses, dukes, duchesses and diplomats flooded the city in hopes of retaining or obtaining land lost during the Napoleonic wars. Many other pleasure seekers were
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arriving with hopes of attending balls, banquets, and other activities. Venders lined the streets with many delectable treats. Inventors were very optimistic in trying to get endorsements and other means of support to back their ideas. Landlords were raising prices immensely to bring in as much income as possible. As we all know, where there are people with money, people with no money will follow. Crooks, hoodlums, and other wrongdoers would also gear up for this spectacle of the wealthy, royal, and important. A group of unsatisfied Italian radicals were planning an opening day assassination attempt on Prince Metternich in hopes of crumbling the confidence of the Congress of Vienna. Delegates from more than 200 states would be present at the Congress of
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Vienna, 1814 - Jamir Shefton Prof Richard Saunders History...

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