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ACCT 201 ANNUAL REPPORT PROJECT Immediately after I assign you to a group, email your group members. Let me know of any problems. For your assigned company, obtain a copy of the most recently audited annual report and/or Form 10K. Go to your company’s internet site and click on “investor relations” or “about us” or some similar link. R efer to Chapter 5 for further information. Annual reports and Forms 10K are quite lengthy. You do not have to print the entire report; only the pages you need to complete your assignment. You will need to spend time reading many sections of your annual report for information and calculations. Do not turn in the annual report and/or 10K. Make sure that your company is a viable, U.S. publicly traded corporation. If it is not, let me know immediately so I can assign you another company. PART 1 A. Using the annual report, record the following basic information about your company: 1. Complete name of company 2. The State in which your company is incorporated 3. Year in which company was founded 4. Primary Standard Industrial Classification Code (SIC code) 5. Name of company’s independent auditor 6. Stock exchange(s) where company’s stock is traded 7. Company’s stock ticker symbol 8. Company’s fiscal year end B. Describe the products or services your company offers and the types of customer to whom those products or services are likely sold. C. How large is your company? You should consider various measures such as, total assets , net income , rank in Fortune 500 , etc. PART 2 A. Describe the industry in which your company operates and summarize the major trends , developments , and economic conditions in that industry. You must read articles in order to understand what is happening in your particular industry. Cite the articles you read. Common sources for this information are: Value Line Investment Survey U.S. Industrial Outlook Various business periodicals – Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes and Business Week Magazine, New York Times and Washington Post business sections. B. Identify the name of two companies in your company’s industry that are its major Competitors.
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PART 3 A. List and briefly describe the major sections in which your company’s annual report is organized. READ Chapter 5 . B.
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