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Final Guide - (similar to what we did in class p315,316...

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Depreciation calculations Straight line p279 Units of production p280 Double declining balance p280 Net book value Residual (salvage) value p278 Gain/loss from the sale of a depreciated asset p282 Capitalized costs of long term assets p276 Basket purchases p276 Fixed asset turnover ratio p284 Fixed asset impairment Sales Tax Payable Total employee compensation Chap 10 Bond calculations p312-314 Stated interest rate Market interest rate Face value Issue value Interest payment versus interest expense p319 Record journal entries Discount versus premium Understand how to complete a bond table and answer questions
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Unformatted text preview: (similar to what we did in class) p315,316 Total stockholders’ equity Journalized issuance of stock at par Treasury stock and journal entries when purchased / sold Common stock vs preferred stock dividends Dividends in arrears Dividend dates and corrsponsing entries Differentiate between authorized, issued, issued and outstanding, treasury stock Return on equity calculations Deduce missing amounts in the Retained Earnings account Cash flows –inflows, outflows – financing, investing, operating Remember DIAL and be able to use it...
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