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Zhuhai Insurance Limited Profits Tax Computation Year of Assessment 2009/10 Basis Period: Year ended 31 March 2010 HK$ HK$ Gross premiums received or receivable 16,000,000 Add: Reserve fund as at 1.4. 2009 6,230,000 Profit on disposal of properties 3,200,000 Recoveries from reinsurance 4,800,000 Depreciation charges
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Unformatted text preview: 155,000 14,385,000 30,385,000 Less: Reserve fund as at 31.3. 2010 5,400,000 Reinsurance premiums 2,500,000 Commissions paid to agents 700,000 Claims 7,600,000 Administration expenses 2,500,000 Depreciation allowances 223,000 (18,923,000) Assessable profits 11,462,000...
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